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    The sound of BULLaH is of more than anything an expression of played music. It seeks to be organic and not too much quantified and mechanical    But with textural layers from samples and loop-based rythms and additional track with accoustic drums.The fact that I've played guitar and bass jazz band obviously puts its mark on the expression in the music

The musical concept of BULLaH is that there should be elements of something created at the moment ; an attempt to capture something here and now .Which therefore hopefully has human soul and therefor could not be computer generated.

It can be experimental and improvisational , with a with an unintended result in calming down the mind and moving the soul simultaneously.

Sometimes a polyphonic «play» with intertwining melodies from the vocal and guitar .From sober reflection and thoughtful poise to exhausting and aggressive irritation , the music mirrors my personality, which is characterized by stress and manic depression.


I've also tried to make music and video together, create an expression. I'm filming most of the clips myself and editing. Therefore, I make video for all the songs.

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